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Book Talk Series

We recently held a book talk series on the recently published IG book (more explicitly: Institutional Grammar: Foundations and Applications for Institutional Analysis). The purpose of this series was to provide a forum to engage on the content of the book, both to seek clarity or discuss aspects of the book as well as to solicit feedback from academics and practitioners engaging or interested in institutional analysis.


The book talk series ran from 8th September to 10th November 2022. Meetings (schedule below) were held from 10:00 to 11:30 EST by Zoom. Across meeting sessions, we iterated through the book on a per-chapter basis. To foster lively and engaging discussions, we encouraged participants to read the chapter(s) corresponding to different meeting dates in advance.


Registration is no longer possible.

For general information about the book, you can visit the publisher's website. For more detailed information, associated concepts, and supplementary material, please can consult the book website (this website).

Publisher's book website: (Note: Check whether your university or research institute's has a library subscription that may make the book available to you at no cost.)

Book website:

Schedule (for reference)

Week Topic
8 September 2022 Chapters 1 & 2: Introduction & Review of Institutional Grammar Research: Overview, Opportunities, Challenges
22 September 2022 Chapter 3: Motivations for a New Institutional Grammar
29 September 2022 Chapter 4: IG 2.0: Conceptual Foundations and General Syntax
6 October 2022 Chapter 5: IG 2.0: Deep Structural Parsing and Hybrid Institutional Statements
13 October 2022 Chapter 6: IG 2.0: Semantic Features and Analytical Linkages
27 October 2022 Chapter 7: Methodological Guidance for Encoding Institutional Information
3 November 2022 Chapter 8: Institutional Analysis and Applications
10 November 2022 Chapter 9: Contextualization and Future Development of the Institutional Grammar


For questions about the book talk series or future events, please contact Christopher Frantz ([email protected]) or Saba Siddiki ([email protected]).