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Enlarged Versions of Selected Figures

Selected figures in the book appear small in the book due to format constraints. Enlarged versions of the corresponding figures are displayed below.

Chapter 5 Figures

Figure 5.7: Context Taxonomy

Chapter 6 Figures

Figure 6.5: Institutional Grammar Overview

Chapter 8 Figures

Figure 8.2: Network structure of compliance excerpt

Figure 8.3: Atomic statement distribution across subsections

Figure 8.4: Atomic statement distribution across policy (Complexity Landscape)

Figure 8.5: Institutional State Complexity Metrics across Institutional Tree

Figure 8.7: IG Compositional Patterns Overview

Figure 8.10: IG Compositional Patterns (Horizontal and Vertical Linkages)

Figure 8.11: IG compositional patterns example with selected component information

Figure 8.12: Excerpt of Conceptual Entity Organization

Figure 8.19: Systemic decomposition with effect quantification

Chapter 9 Figures

Figure 9.1: Institutional Grammar 2.0 by Levels of Expressiveness and associated Perspectives, Concepts and Analytical Applications

Appendix A Figures

Figure A.1: Institutional Statement Structure in the Institutional Grammar 2.0